Aug 072015

I’ve been driving past these pretty trees for a long time, wishing I’d see some indication that peaches might end up at our house. Someone has been working hard–planting, pruning,  mulching, spreading gravel, and heaven knows what else for several years. Each year a few more trees are planted and “something” has been going on back behind where I can’t see [which annoys me no end]. What IS happening back there?

Peach orchard

Peach orchard

Tubby Fruits IMG_0424
Tubby Fruits IMG_0421

Finally in the last week or so there have been signs that maybe they were Continue reading »

Jul 162015
If you can't be drinking wine in Italy, you have to go purse shopping.

If you can’t be drinking wine in Italy, you may as well go purse shopping.

After writing  and publishing a few posts it occurred to me that the cork dork isn’t associated with them anywhere. So it’s probably time to come out of the wine cellar. Feels like I’m at a “meeting”. “My name is Leslie, and I’m an aspiring cork dork [and I have a small problem with purses].”

I discovered that I loved wine several years ago. Since then I’ve taken classes, joined wine clubs, attended and hosted tastings, and sipped, swirled and, a few times, spat many glasses of wine.

Today is my birthday, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m an avowed foodie, wine snot, adult adoptee and Continue reading »