Jul 262015


Nortico Rose'

Nortico Rose’

Whaaaat? What’s a Portuguese rose’ doing at a Tuscan wine tasting? Hopefully at some point I’ll get my notes written up for all the wonderful Italian wines we tasted, but for now, I need to share our “entry wine.” My friend Donna provided a rare treat before our class started — a pinky one from Portugal with not one, but three, new grape varietals to try. Not only had I not heard of these grapes, but they’re not even listed in my De Long’s Wine Grape Varietal Table (Wine and Grape Indexes).

Nortico rose' grape varietals

Nortico rose’ grape varietals

This beautiful Provence-style rose’ is described on the importer Obrigado Vinhos Portugal‘s website as “Alvarelhao and Pedral contribute freshness and complexity and Vinhao brings volume and weight. On the nose, bright red berry and watermelon fruit are complemented by saline minerality. on the palate, light, fresh and delicate, with mouthwatering red fruit and refreshing acidity.” This description is dead on.

Nortico rose label IMG_0186

Only 2,000 cases were produced so I probably won’t get to enjoy this one again. Thanks so much, Donna, for offering this one.

Wine bio:

Vinehound rating 90