Jul 172015

Grazie mille, Marc Joseph. I always learn something in your classes, but this lesson takes the cake.

I spent way too much time the other night trying to open a screw-top bottle. The cap wouldn’t budge. I tried lots of tools, my nails, kitchen utensils, and the knife on my corkscrew, trying to sever the cap from the capsule. In the class Marc taught last night, he showed us how to do it and I picked out a screw-top bottle to drink tonight to test his method. Yes, I definitely drink screw-top wine. Love it. But that’s another post.

Simply hold the capsule with one hand. Ignore the cap — it will cooperate, really. Hold the bottle in the other hjand. Turn the bottle. Dang, that was easy. It’s the same theory as opening a bottle of champagne so I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to try this before. But then, that’s why one attends classes. To learn more. Guess I’ll be signing up for his advanced class now.

That pesky screw top bottle

That pesky screw top bottle

Jul 152015

When the thermometer looks like this, it’s an easy decision what color to drink. The real question is how can I chill the bottle NOW?

103? Really?

My favorite tool is the Vinchilla, an electric ice bucket made in Italy that swishes the water and ice around the bottle and cools a room temp bottle in about 25 minutes. The propaganda says it can chill a bottle in less than 5 minutes, up to 15 bottles  per hour, but that’s never cold enough for me. I give it about 1.25 cycles on the 20-minute timer just to ensure the bottle is well chilled.

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