Jul 292015

Uh oh. Getting toward the end of the evening. Note to self: take more notes. And more pictures.

Frankly, I was still drooling over the Le Serra Nuove and anticipating a barolo or two and don’t think I gave this wine a fair shake. My notes said “good” and “young” on the Castelli Martinozzi [which didn’t really need documenting, but I think I meant it was pretty good for such a young tyke]. Probably better acquire a bottle or two of this since it is well regarded AND affordable. I promise I’ll take better notes when I do.

Castelli Martinozzi‘s website describes the aroma: “complex intensive and Continue reading »

Jul 272015

Marc’s next pour was a 2013 La Spinetta (Rivetti) Vermentino Casanova della Spinetta Toscana IGT from Tuscany. I love their label — not sure what a rhinocerus has to do with wine, but I like it.

La Spinetta Vermentino

La Spinetta Vermentino

It was a very pale, somewhat greenish color.  It took a few sips, but this wine grew on me over the next few minutes. Englewood Wine Merchants did a terrific write up on this wine — I didn’t experience all of these aromas and tastes, but certainly enjoyed this wine.

Wine bio:

Varietal(s): vermentino
Cellartracker says drink between: 2015 – 2017
Vinehound rating 88

Jan 182015

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Finally got a day nice enough to grill these beauties Jeff brought back from Rube’s Steakhouse in Montour, Iowa.

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With Smitten Kitchen’s take on Michael Chiarello’s Winter Panzanella. My assistants hung out with me while I roasted the squash. Silly dogs — they’d rather have squash than steak.

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Not sure what heppened to this label, but the wine was just fine! 1999 Casanova di Neri Brunello di Montalcino.

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Twice bakeds, brussels sprouts, big honkin’ rib eye and winter panzanella salad.DSC00754 edited
Wish I’d thought of this earlier — this wine needed a little longer in the decanter and every bottle I’ve opened has needed a day to clear up. Must be unfiltered as they have all been cloudy at first.

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And peppermint cookies to end the meal. C’mon football nap.