Nov 112015

USS Missouri

On Veteran’s Day, I raise my glass to all who honorably served. I’m moved by the family resemblances I see in the pictures of your fathers, sons and brothers, and now more and more frequently, mothers, sisters and daughters, Since I’ve never experienced this phenomenon, I’m intrigued by it. Maybe soon that will change. My recent research into my biological roots has revealed three additional probable sisters, bringing the total sibling count to six or seven. My biological/first/blood father served in “Uncle Sam’s Navy” so cheers to all the men and women who ever swabbed a deck.

Cin cin to my Grandpa Ocie, who worked in the Puget Sound Naval Yard and took me every summer to tour the USS Missouri. And to my Gramma Violet, who “chased seamen until she caught one.”

Jul 162015
If you can't be drinking wine in Italy, you have to go purse shopping.

If you can’t be drinking wine in Italy, you may as well go purse shopping.

After writing  and publishing a few posts it occurred to me that the cork dork isn’t associated with them anywhere. So it’s probably time to come out of the wine cellar. Feels like I’m at a “meeting”. “My name is Leslie, and I’m an aspiring cork dork [and I have a small problem with purses].”

I discovered that I loved wine several years ago. Since then I’ve taken classes, joined wine clubs, attended and hosted tastings, and sipped, swirled and, a few times, spat many glasses of wine.

Today is my birthday, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m an avowed foodie, wine snot, adult adoptee and Continue reading »