Oct 062015

Well, he may have, but I don’t subscribe so I don’t know whether he did or what he thought about this wine.

I invariably check to see where I got the bottle I’m currently sipping. Last night I finished my last bottle of 1997 M. Chapoutier Châteauneuf-du-Pape Barbe Rac.

Moment of silence.

M. Chapoutier CdP Barbe Rac 1997

M. Chapoutier CdP Barbe Rac 1997

This post was inspired by a blog written by Alfonso Cevola entitled “I just want wines reviewed by Parker.” It’s a great article about the information available to wine buyers and the lengths our local wine purveyors go to on our behalf, attempting to give us the benefit of their expertise.

I depend heavily on the recommendations of those whose opinions I respect because I don’t have the opportunity to taste as many wines as they do. If you haven’t already established a relationship with someone knowledgeable at your local wine store, read the hang tags. If something grabs your attention, ask to talk to the person who wrote the wine up and strike up a conversation. The best advice I got when I started tasting a lot of wines was to figure out whose opinions I respected, whether I agreed or not with their palate or their choices. I kept track of reviewers in national magazines and local stores until I got a feel for what they were trying to tell me with those few words accompanying a bottle of wine.

Until I read Mr. Cevola’s blog, I hadn’t thought about the effort that goes into those 15 or 20 words describing the wine I just decided to purchase [or not purchase]. So here’s a shout out to a few of my faves — I appreciate your recommendations.

Aaron Rozeboom at Brown Derby International Wine Center in Springfield, MO where I got this particularly lovely lovely wine
Alan Hagedorn at Royal Liquors in Kansas City, MO
Jim Coley at Gomer’s Midtown of Kansas City, MO
Ken Anderson at who knows where, but thanks for steering me to this bottle, buddy!
Marc Joseph at Trademark Wines of Kansas City, MO
Ryan Sciara at Underdog Wine Co. in Kansas City, MO

  2 Responses to “Why did I buy this wine? And no, Parker didn’t rate it.”

  1. Hi Leslie,

    Thanks for the fun post! No doubt a pretty tasty bottle. I appreciated the link to Alfonso’s post as well. I had lunch with Mr. Cevola and Aldo Vacca one afternoon in Barbaresco, and he’s every bit as interesting in person as in print. Happy to be able to read some of your musings here!


  2. Wow, I had no idea. Another evidence of our “small world”. You are one lucky man!

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