Aug 072015

I’ve been driving past these pretty trees for a long time, wishing I’d see some indication that peaches might end up at our house. Someone has been working hard–planting, pruning,  mulching, spreading gravel, and heaven knows what else for several years. Each year a few more trees are planted and “something” has been going on back behind where I can’t see [which annoys me no end]. What IS happening back there?

Peach orchard

Peach orchard

Tubby Fruits IMG_0424
Tubby Fruits IMG_0421

Finally in the last week or so there have been signs that maybe they were going to offer some of my favorite summer fruit to passersby. A sign and an EZ-up went up so I pulled in and introduced myself to my not-so-new neighbor. A hearty welcome to Tubby Fruits Peach Orchard and the Angermayer family. We’re thrilled to have you so close.

maters IMG_0426

I saw some enticing tomatoes but focused on the peaches.

my sample IMG_0427

This juicy sample shared with my fruit-lovin’ Frankie caused these to end up at my house.

yellow fleshed peaches IMG_0431

Yellow-fleshed peaches

White-fleshed peaches

White-fleshed peaches

Tubby Fruits will be at the Spring Hill Farmers Market tomorrow morning — stop by and check out this friendly group of growers and support our local producers.

If you stop by Tubby Fruits’ Belton orchard, drive in if the gate is open and get some of these beauties. If no one is by the gate, honk, and they’ll come to you. They are working on blackberry brambles and other trees in the back sometimes, but try to listen for folks stopping by. Don’t miss this hidden treasure.

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