Jul 162015
If you can't be drinking wine in Italy, you have to go purse shopping.

If you can’t be drinking wine in Italy, you may as well go purse shopping.

After writing  and publishing a few posts it occurred to me that the cork dork isn’t associated with them anywhere. So it’s probably time to come out of the wine cellar. Feels like I’m at a “meeting”. “My name is Leslie, and I’m an aspiring cork dork [and I have a small problem with purses].”

I discovered that I loved wine several years ago. Since then I’ve taken classes, joined wine clubs, attended and hosted tastings, and sipped, swirled and, a few times, spat many glasses of wine.

Today is my birthday, so I’ll introduce myself. I’m an avowed foodie, wine snot, adult adoptee and animal lover. A little on each of these admissions.I love food — love to cook it, love to eat it, love to research it and love to have wine with it. There are few wines that I’ve tasted in the last three years that I haven’t thought “this would pair well with ______.” I try to match the wines I taste with dishes from the area where the grapes are grown. You have to narrow down the recipes somehow.

Wine snot is tongue-in-cheek and an effort NOT to take myelf, or wine, too seriously. Wine is a living, breathing thing. It’s something to drink. It’s wonderful, yes, but it’s still “just wine.” I’d like to think wine, or my love of it, could change the world, but that’s probably not going to happen. So let’s have fun with it. Cin Cin,

I’m an adoptee and close to making contact with some folks who may very well be related by blood. But that contact/reunion/search/story will have to wait until another day. I’m only outing myself today.

And the animals. We are currently “down to” one Bloodhound, a soon-to-be an eventually [hope hope] obedience-titled Australian Shepherd and four cats, all but one of whom wandered in and we let them stay. All well-behaved, well-trained [even the cats sit for their treats] and completely spoiled .

Ch. Ghost Hollow's Spectacular Bid


Ch. Alnair's Francesca Biasia


Frankie-chicken edited

The Puppy Frankie, showing her “not serious” side

Willie, showing HIS not-so-serious side

À votre santé,  Leslie

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  1. Happy birthday.

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