Oct 042014

I’ve been craving Syrah. And meat. Red meat.

Syrah is a new yearning for me which began at a KC Cellarmasters wine club tasting earlier this year. Sadly I don’t have much in my cellar so I’m attending whatever local tastings are available. When I saw a predominately-syrah tasting at the Underdog Wine Co. I decided to stop by. Featured were Stolpman Vineyards‘ wines, expertly presented by Jessica Stolpman.

As I read about Stolpman Vineyards, I discovered a gem of a wine-producing area. Always avoiding California wines with their cult/pricey/you-can-only-get-good-ones-if-you’re-on-their-list reputation, I know little about them. I gobbled up the tidbits of information available about the southern part of the Central Coast region. Seems this area is producing some gorgeous wines, lots of which are syrahs in the newly-designated Ballard County AVA.

I happened upon the basis for my Syrah craving when I …read The Fall Wines You Should Be Drinking. Not too many leaves on the ground here, but it’s definitely the beginning of fall. And since a well-made Syrah screams for meat, mysteries solved.

W. Blake Gray’s post from 2010 “Why Syrah Doesn’t Sell” explains this varietal’s lack of popularity. [author’s note: it STILL isn’t selling like it should but then, there’s more for me!]

Stolpman Vineyards’ Roussanne was a treat. If you’ve never had a roussanne-only wine, try this one. It’s a perfect fall white–complex, crisp, and lovely.

DSC00181 (1024x708)

Jessica Stolpman explains the Stolpman crew’s development of La Cuadrilla.

Stolpman’s La Cuadrilla is a wonderful blend of 60% Syrah, 20% Sangiovese, 15% Grenache, and 5% Petite Sirah that is their “Sustainable Employment” wine. A great concept perfectly executed.


Line-up of Stolpman Vineyards wines

The syrah-sangivese co-fermented blend, La Croce, was delicious, but my favorite of the evening was their Estate grown Syrah. Extremely smooth and drinkable now but should cellar for several more years.

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