Oct 152014

Mysteries abound. Usually when I have a wine in mind to go with a meal, I go to the assigned slot, find it’s missing, curse loudly and make a note to self: fire the inventory clerk. Oh wait, that’s me.

But this time, I knew which wine and exactly where it was–chilling in the downstairs fridge. Since discovering the Wine Century Club, I try new grapes as often as possible. I fell in love with Godello, a wonderful Spanish white grape a couple of months ago. This meal was destined for a 2011 Bodegas Rafael Palacios Valdeorras Sábrego.

The new spiralizer kitchen gadget, a Spirooli, came out of the box. I tried Garlic-Parmesan Zucchini Noodles and Spaghetti Pasta.

DSC00220DSC00220DSC00214 edited

Dinner ready, I popped the cork and sat down to see if my combination worked. It did. Beautifully. Green apple lept out of the bottle as I  poured a glass and the fresh flavors just kept on coming.

Next step — remove from inventory (Cellartracker) It’s not there! WHAT? This does not happen. Ever. So I’ll never know where I got it nor where I can get more. Sigh. Repeat note to self: FIRE THAT INVENTORY CLERK.

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