Oct 272014

The weekend was spent sipping and reminiscing with college friends at a homecoming reunion. The weather was perfect and the beer and wine flowed. Trying to comply with tailgate regulations, I skipped the bottles in favor of boxed wines. Not for more than 20 years have boxed grapes passed these lips. I was filled with trepidation. The Kansas City market is apparently too small to carry the best ones and I could find neither the Valpantena Corvina nor the From the Tank Cotes-du-Rhone Vin Rouge blend I wanted to try. I settled on a Big House white and red and the Bota Box REDVOLUTION. I missed out on trying the Big House wines but thoroughly enjoyed the Redvolution. Fellow sippers found the jam immediately and we all found it quite drinkable on a beautiful fall afternoon beside the Mississippi River.
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I raise my glass to all my friends, old and new, and promise to sip with you all again soon.

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Oct 152014

Mysteries abound. Usually when I have a wine in mind to go with a meal, I go to the assigned slot, find it’s missing, curse loudly and make a note to self: fire the inventory clerk. Oh wait, that’s me.

But this time, I knew which wine and exactly where it was–chilling in the downstairs fridge. Since discovering the Wine Century Club, I try new grapes as often as possible. I fell in love with Godello, a wonderful Spanish white grape a couple of months ago. This meal was destined for a 2011 Bodegas Rafael Palacios Valdeorras Sábrego.

The new spiralizer kitchen gadget, a Spirooli, came out of the box. I tried Garlic-Parmesan Zucchini Noodles and Spaghetti Pasta.

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Dinner ready, I popped the cork and sat down to see if my combination worked. It did. Beautifully. Green apple Continue reading »

Oct 042014

I’ve been craving Syrah. And meat. Red meat.

Syrah is a new yearning for me which began at a KC Cellarmasters wine club tasting earlier this year. Sadly I don’t have much in my cellar so I’m attending whatever local tastings are available. When I saw a predominately-syrah tasting at the Underdog Wine Co. I decided to stop by. Featured were Stolpman Vineyards‘ wines, expertly presented by Jessica Stolpman.

As I read about Stolpman Vineyards, I discovered a gem of a wine-producing area. Always avoiding California wines with their cult/pricey/you-can-only-get-good-ones-if-you’re-on-their-list reputation, I know little about them. I gobbled up the tidbits of information available about the southern part of the Central Coast region. Seems this area is producing some gorgeous wines, lots of which are syrahs in the newly-designated Ballard County AVA.

I happened upon the basis for my Syrah craving when I … Continue reading »